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How to Get Rid of Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is a general term given to any persistent ache that occurs all over the body and which generally lasts for over 12 weeks. It is differentiated from acute pain from its obstinacy to remain in the body & then to subject it to incessant throes of pain. Pain is an inestimable feeling that is immeasurable, hence the intensity of the pain in one’s body solely relies on the patients’ description. Chronic Pain pervades almost all parts of the body like backs, knees, necks, shoulders.

One of the best ways to wrench out this problem is by approaching the natural ways and uprooting it. Pain is the most convincing way our body carries out to catch our attention. And when that familiar feeling of pain starts to show up, you might need to respond it with some of the methods listed below to diminish Chronic Pain.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Pain is most often caused in response to inflammatory signals and welts. To impede such proceedings, you may try to inculcate a habit of eating Pan Asian Modified Mediterranean (PAMM) diet. There are many advantages that can be listed from this, but the most prominent among them is that the lesser you eat foods that goad an inflammatory reaction, the better it is for the wellbeing of your body.
  • Acupuncture: Classified as Vibrational Healing, the motive of undertaking acupuncture is to enhance bodily functions through the flow of qi—or energy— through the body. Here, it all depends on the pathway qi incorporates, in specific paths. But when  is thought to have been clogged in their pathways, it is said to cause physical symptoms which include pain.


  • Massage: Nothing more relieving than a good massage. Massages help decimate pain that builds up in the muscle tissues due to stress & tension. It stimulates proper blood flow & also helps in lymph circulation, which in turn helps the body in expunging toxins. In the deft hands of a masseur, the clean energy that builds up would be on a different level.
  • Chiropractic: This therapy tunes the alignment of your bones, targeting the spine the most. It is believed that vertebrae which come off askew have a domino effect on the surrounding nerves and tissues, culminating in pain & mobility issues. Regular adjustments can align the bones and allow energy to flow more freely.

  • Exercise: If exercise had been made a part of one’s life, then one wouldn’t have had to read the above points, as exercise is the single-best cure to keep all maladies at bay. But since we’re talking about the flow of energy through the body, reserve at least 15-20 minutes a day for moderate exercise. This stirs up the energy into action, increases breathing, body temperature & blood flow. It also is known to protect one from Rusty Gate Syndrome, which affects people who do not move enough.

Unexpected Things a Blood Test can Reveal about You


You would be flabbergasted by the amount of information doctors can siphon out of you from the tip of your finger; information notwithstanding your regular cholesterol levels,& RBC & WBC count. Stefan Enroth, Ph.D., reveals that every one of us has anywhere between 1000 to 2000 measurable proteins, with each and every of them performing a unique task and the more advancement science witnesses in this, the more they’d be able to get out of you. Below is a list of the lesser-known things that a blood test could surprise you with.

  • Your Biological Age: Enroth says that your Chronological Age, which is the amount of time that has flown since you were born, differs from your Biological Age from the fact of how old your body & your innards are when compared to other people of your age group. So, while your age might be 56, your biological age might be more close to 50 years. Exhibiting a thick layer of fat, smoking, and guzzling sweetened beverages takes a toll & increases your biological age by 2-6 years.
  • Risk of Alzheimer’s: According to a 2015 study, a few proteins in your bloodstream hold access to the information of the chances of you being inflicted with Alzheimer’s in 10 years before any symptoms show up. This research is still in its nascent stage, but researchers say that this could bring a significant change in medical history.

  • If you’ve suffered a concussion: Physicians have often struggled to come up with a proper procedure that assesses whether a person has experienced a concussion or not. A concussion is a brain injury that’s traumatic in nature and that which may not show any symptoms readily. This is dangerous, as being afflicted with a second blow of concussion plausibly results in a fatality or long-term cognitive problems.
  • Dehydration Levels: Dehydration is not a frivolous issue to just be brushed aside as abnormal levels of it could ensue stress on the heart & increasing fatigue, cumulating into a hazy & sluggish feeling. Estimates show that roughly 20% of the older US populace residing in assisted living facilities suffer from dehydration, mostly because of inadequate consumption of fluids. The same research has unearthed that blood can be used to determine if you’re a parched barren field in dire need of water.
  • The severity of your doldrums: It can be quite a challenge to people [& their doctors] to ascertain if the blues they are afflicted with are due to more malicious forms of clinical depression or not. Ascertaining such emotions through blood was just an old wives’ tale, but a recent study from Austria refutes to that with the discovery of a specific kind of brain chemical, which can indicate if you’re low on happiness hormones.
  • Every cold you’ve ever had: Like surreptitious medical records waiting to be discovered, your doctor can get to know every virus or cold you’ve encountered. According to a recent study, the antibodies developed in response to illnesses in your body continue to rill around your body for the rest of your life and provide a testimony of every illness you’ve had.

Effects Of Caffeine On Our Health

The world is divided into two halves- ones who depend on coffee to get their kicks, and ones who sip on tea to kick start their day. I had largely been a ‘teahaholic’ (not that there is any right word for it) for the most part of my life. However, over the past few months, I felt a shift. I felt myself being increasingly drawn towards coffee; and though I haven’t completely ditched tea, my loyalties sure have changed. It’s just that whenever I found myself reeling under any kind of pressure, coffee stood by me. It sure has been my one true stress buster. Thus, I felt that it was about time to acknowledge the role of caffeine in our lives and shed light on its various health benefits (well, sometimes not). I owe it to caffeine.

Facts About Caffeine:

It would be fallacious to state that caffeine is a stimulant that is only found in coffee. Caffeine is found in tea, soda, and various other products; however, it is true that coffee is one of the major sources of caffeine.  To put it precisely, coffee has three times more caffeine than any other products. This is one of the main reasons why people all over the world associate caffeine with coffee. Another interesting fact to note here is that caffeine is regarded as a drug, or more specifically, a psychoactive drug, one that is legal and ingested the most across this whole wide world. Besides its role as a natural stress buster and a socially acceptable drug, caffeine has several health benefits, ones that we shall look into the next section of the article.


Thank Goodness For Caffeine:

Caffeine has been rightfully associated with several major health benefits. A  steaming cup of espresso might look nothing more than a temporary relief, and a momentary escape; however, you would be astounded to learn about what a miracle worker caffeine is!

  • Caffeine and the human brain has a love story like no other. Besides increasing concentration, it also protects the brain from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Caffeine also serves as a protective membrane for the heart by keeping it healthy. It prevents various cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks, and the right intake of it also ensures that the heart follows a regular rhythm.
  • Besides taking care of the heart and brain, intravenous caffeine administration also helps in providing relief from migraines and other headaches and also eases breathing in an asthma attack.

  • This might come as a surprise, but caffeine also has a role to play in spicing up your sex life. It keeps a person agile and is often used as a cure to erectile dysfunctions.
  • Caffeine also helps in taking care of skin rashes and irritation when ingested in appropriate amounts.
  • The most important health benefit that must be known is that caffeine is a rich antioxidant and helps in warding off the fatal touch of cancer.

However,  one must be extremely careful about their coffee intake. Since caffeine is primarily a drug, humans are quite prone to addiction and thus, subsequent hallucinations. Improper use of caffeine and more than the appropriate quantity of ingestion, results in dire health conditions and has various ramifications. In the end, it must be remembered that one that holds the capacity of healing and nurturing, also holds the capacity to wound and ruin your life. Yes, it sounds philosophical, but is true to the last word.



Benefits Of Visiting A Chiropractor During Pregnancy

To bring a life into the light of the world is no joke, and instead is a huge responsibility- far more than what one could fathom. Carrying a life for nine months in the womb, nurturing it with blood and flesh and preparing it to face the warmth as well as the brutality of the world is onerous and requires a lot of patience, by not just the mother, but also her family members. Pregnancy sounds like a big deal, and it should be. It takes a toll on the health and physique of the mother as carrying a life inside another life, and providing for it with all the vital essence of the mother’s life, is no easy feat. Thus, the right medications, vaccines, therapy, diet, and exercises form the most important and integral part of this long, beautiful and most of the time, a horrendous journey of 9 months. This article shall discuss some of the essential health benefits of seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy, and all the right ways to go about the entire process, which could contribute immensely to health of the mother and the baby, while also easing up the process of delivery.

Who Is A Chiropractor?


A chiropractor is a medical professional who looks into muscle and bone strength, primarily the spine and suggests exercises and therapy, should she feels the need. Pregnancy requires the mother to develop and enhance her core strength, and the spine forms a crucial part in this process. The strength of the spine is supremely important to be able to successfully support the weight of a foetus growing inside the mother’s womb, lest it might lead to untimely and unfortunate miscarriages.

The Benefits Of A Chiropractor During Pregnancy:

During pregnancy, with the gradual progression of the months, the centre of gravity of the mother’s body continually shifts, thus, affecting the posture of the body. A chiropractor sees to it that the mother is able to handle the weight of the body and that the body parts are perfectly aligned. Any misalignment of the body can have several ramifications during pregnancy. This by extension, affects not just the health of the mother, but also puts the life of the baby at risk. Pregnancy is also a time when a mother might face swelling of joints and severe aches in various parts of the body. A chiropractor ensures that these swellings are contained and the pain is managed. Visiting a chiropractor during pregnancy, especially if it is a difficult pregnancy, helps in relieving joint aches, laboured breathing and nausea. Since this form of treatment does not involve the use of needles or surgery, it is known to be completely safe and trustworthy. Chiropractors study the body structure of mothers, as they are different for different women and customize their treatment, thus, making labour easier.

However, it is always advisable to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor at the behest of the doctor, since certain pregnancies are complicated, in which case the idea of visiting a chiropractor might not pan out well.

Doctor Approved Home Remedies To Handle Dry Cough

Dry Cough

Our body has terrific self-cleansing properties. The moment a foreign particle enters our system, all the little fighters of our body, better known as antibodies, join forces to rebel and retaliate against them and neutralize their vicious efforts. Coughing and sneezing too, forms a part of our body’s self-defence network. They keep our bodies protected from dust and pollens by forcing them out with a violent bout of cough or a sometimes comical sneeze.  However, things could go awry at times and the marvel that our body is, might fail, leading to catastrophic health situations. Thus, a little knowledge about how to tackle certain health situations always comes handy, because let us face it, you cannot always run to a doctor for everything. Here in this article today, we shall look at the various ways to contain dry cough at home, all of which are approved by medical professionals.

A dry cough is a nuisance, and it does not just rob you of your ability to sleep peacefully, but also steals your right to breathe without impediments. It is treacherous, painful and humiliating to say the least. Imagine trying to sell your point at a presentation, and an episode of dry cough hits you in the midst. It is a nightmare that none of us would want to be in. Therefore, without much ado, let us see how dry cough can be handled and cured, without having to choke on pills and revolting syrups now and then.


Found in abundance at our homes, ginger is an essential that makes its way to most of our homemade food items. The health benefits of ginger are many and containing dry cough is just one of them. It has anti-inflammatory properties that make it a favourite home remedy among doctors. Pop in a dry ginger in your mouth, or make it into a paste with turmeric or a little salt, ginger works like a miracle when fighting dry cough. It also cures throat infections or pain, if any.



Heat some water, sneak in under a towel and start inhaling in the steam- do all of these and you should be good to go. Steam works wonder not only to fight dry cough but also to cure a cold and flu. It cleanses the system and brings out all the phlegm inside, thus, clearing out the pathway for unimpeded breathing. Steam also provides relief from headaches and a running nose, and therefore, deserves more accolades than what it usually gets.


It’s all in the name. A medicine this mawkish might seem unreal, but trust me when I say that honey works like magic to cure dry cough. It lubricates the throat and thus, prevents bouts of cough. You can also add a dash of honey to lemon tea, and see the magic happen in a matter of a few minutes. Though it is not advised for infants, honey is a sure shot to curing dry cough in adults and young children.


One of the most tried and tested home remedies for not only cough but an array of other diseases, turmeric has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that ensures that germs and viruses stay far away from our bodies. Drink a cup of warm turmeric milk, or add it to your food items in generous amounts, turmeric shall never fail you.

Following the aforementioned home remedies cost almost nothing and ensures that the next time you have an important speech to deliver or a big presentation at the office, dry cough does not come to your vicinity. Doctors have relied on them, and it is time that you do too.

Health benefits of a Vegan Diet


An increasing number of people are switching over to the acclaimed vegan diet. And they are reaping the benefits of it too, leaving most others wondering if the vegan diet actually has the benefits it so outrightly claims to have. So here’s a post that tells you all about proven – health benefits of a vegan diet – read on and switch to a healthy choice!

More nutritious:
Whatever diet you are currently following, a vegan diet is way more abundant in nutrition as compared to any other diet. And that’s because this diet is entirely based on whole food – fruits, vegetables, grains – and the nutrition content you derive from these whole foods is way better than the normal, processed stuff.



Reduced risk of typical ailments:
A change in your diet can work wonders for you-you may not even require to pop those pills which you constantly require to keep yourself healthy. And a vegan diet does that for you – it helps you regulate your body internally, thus helping you get rid of the root cause of the ailments pestering you. Your risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes and other ailments which are greatly influenced by diet and lifestyle, is cut down by a considerable margin. Also, the vegan diet is known to work wonders for kidney ailments. So why not opt for this healthy option?

Influence on mood:
The food we eat greatly influences our mood and temperament – and in this matter, vegan diets are wholly organic and nature-based, keeping your body in the optimum state. Those who opted for vegan foods showed better results in stress, anxiety and depression tests over their counterparts who indulge in other diets.

Weight loss:
Vegan diets are known to promote healthy and quick weight-loss. The products which form part of the vegan diet are much lesser in the calorie count, making it easier for you to eat healthy and lose weight easily. The vegan diet works wonders on the body metabolism too – and that indeed is a catalyst in boosting your weight loss.

Complementary to physical activity:
Vegan diets are followed by many athletes, who publicly acknowledge that they follow the vegan diet to the core. Also, the vegan diet is perfectly complementary to strenuous physical activity too – it improves your body’s agility and makes you even fitter to perform exceptionally in sports or any other physical activity you’ve taken up.


Simple Tips To Check Blood Sugar At Home

It is not without a reason that health is considered to be a human being’s greatest wealth. You might work hard and excel at your job, but ask yourself again, does any of it matter if your health does not play well? More importantly, it must be understood that without a proper physical as well as mental health, one cannot possibly choose an invigorating lifestyle over humdrum chores. There are various aspects that need to be taken into consideration while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While following a healthy diet, going for routine health check-ups and engaging in light exercises form just one part of the coin, being aware and informed about one’s own body forms the other crucial half. This article shall look into the various ways of checking blood sugar at home so that dire health situations can be avoided and emergencies can be contained on time.

Why Is Testing Blood Sugar Important?

The first step to check blood sugar at home is to be aware of what this term is all about. Blood sugar or blood glucose is the powerhouse of your body’s energy. The primary job of glucose in our diet is to provide all the energy that our body requires to perform regular body activities. Glucose in the blood too, has the same job. They provide for our body when it needs energy the most and serves as a saving grace in many occasions. However, there might be times when our own body betrays us, and the glucose level either shoots up or falls drastically down, giving rise to various egregious complications. Thus, besides visiting your doctor regularly, it is essential to keep a regular record of your blood sugar level.

How Can Blood Sugar Be Tested At Home?


Blood sugar can be tested at home by the simple use of a small electronic device, known as the glucometer. Your doctor would probably teach you the use of this simple device. However, these steps mentioned below shall cover the topic:

  • Always ensure that your hands are thoroughly rinsed and washed prior to the usage of the device.
  • Place a test strip, that comes along with the device, into the device.
  • Place the device along the side of your fingers to draw a small amount of blood. It must be understood that placing the device on the fingertips might lead to a sensation of pain since our fingertips have more nerve endings than its side. Thus, it is always a great idea to place the lancet of the device along the side of your fingertips.
  • Once your blood is drawn onto the test strip, the device shall record your blood sugar reading on its meter.

Things To Keep In Mind While Testing Blood Sugar At Home:


It is important that you take the test at different times of the day, especially before and after meals. Blood sugar levels keep on changing under various circumstances, and it is important to keep track of the levels under changing conditions to obtain accurate results. Also, one must keep in mind that blood can be drawn from other parts of the body too. However, the readings might differ and might be erroneous. It is always advisable to draw blood from the finger for precision. Last but not the least, always discuss your results with your doctor to keep them informed. Knowledge is power, and handling or containing any health situation as a result of blood sugar becomes easier if your doctor has a track of your health.

Thus, stay informed, stay aware and adopt measures to keep healthy and ward off unnecessary complications, because prevention is always better than cure!

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